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Seth Rollins On Beating Logan At WrestleMania, Getting Attacked by Fan, Hatred for Domin

In this podcast episode, Seth Rollins discusses various topics including his romantic side, dining with Becky Lynch, his knowledge of corn as an Iowa native, the evolving nature of escorts, his interest in yachts and travel, his current status as the WWE world heavyweight champion, his stylist and unique suits, his wrestling career and training, his experience with stem cell treatments, the physicality and endurance required in wrestling, the grueling schedule of wrestlers, the sacrifices made for their passion, his love for the industry despite its challenges, his experience with catfishing and fan encounters, his coaching at a wrestling academy, the character development of Roman Reigns and Dom Mysterio, the importance of finding a partner who understands the wrestling lifestyle, his favorite matches and iconic WrestleMania moments, the subjective nature of match ratings, the popularity of his walkout song, his feud with Riddle, his plans for SummerSlam and attending his brother's fight against Nate Diaz, and his thoughts on the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz boxing match.

Key Points

(00:00:04) - Seth Rollins is a romantic type of guy (00:00:06) - Seth Rollins went to Buca di Beppo with Becky Lynch (00:00:12) - Seth Rollins is from Iowa and knows about corn (00:00:41) - Escorts used to be more private, but now it's more exposed (00:01:08) - Seth Rollins asks about the person's yacht and their travels (00:01:34) - Seth Rollins is the WWE world heavyweight champ (00:02:10) - Seth Rollins is a romantic type of guy (00:02:21) - Seth Rollins went to Buca di Beppo with Becky Lynch (00:03:00) - Seth Rollins is from Davenport, Iowa and knows about corn (00:03:18) - Seth Rollins has traveled to many places for wrestling (00:04:01) - Seth Rollins is open to wrestling in Antarctica (00:04:14) - Seth Rollins respects the person for their performance at WrestleMania (00:04:44) - Seth Rollins has the World Heavyweight Championship (00:05:25) - Seth Rollins and the person will be professional and put their past behind them (00:05:52) - The person hasn't won much in their life (00:06:10) - Seth Rollins learned about Grindr in WWE (00:06:45) - Seth Rollins' stylist is King Troy from Los Angeles (00:07:43) - Seth Rollins talks about how he started wearing his unique suits. (00:08:00) - He mentions that his gear guy, Makazi, helps put together his looks. (00:08:11) - Seth Rollins talks about how his stylist also styles the female wrestlers. (00:09:01) - Seth Rollins mentions that he doesn't dress up when he's in Iowa. (00:09:41) - Seth Rollins talks about how he and his stylist are both fashionably inept. (00:10:20) - Seth Rollins mentions that his character and look are popular with the fans. (00:10:35) - He feels that he is just starting his prime in his wrestling career. (00:11:13) - Seth Rollins talks about the years of experience needed in the wrestling industry. (00:11:54) - He mentions that he has a six to ten year window where he will be in his prime. (00:12:19) - Seth Rollins talks about how he tries to change his training based on how he feels. (00:13:06) - He mentions that he has had some injuries and has tried stem cell treatments. (00:13:30) - Seth Rollins talks about how stem cell treatments were temporarily helpful for him. (00:13:50) - He mentions that Rey Mysterio has had a different experience with stem cell treatments. (00:14:11) - Seth Rollins praises Rey Mysterio as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. (00:15:32) - Wrestling involves enduring pain and physicality (00:16:00) - Wrestlers have to ignore the pain and endure suffering (00:17:16) - Adrenaline helps wrestlers get through the match (00:17:35) - After the match, the pain becomes more apparent (00:17:43) - Wrestlers tap into their internal warrior to push through the pain (00:18:38) - Physicality brings out the animalistic side in wrestlers (00:19:00) - The schedule for wrestlers is grueling and requires dedication (00:19:41) - Wrestlers have different paths and schedules (00:20:00) - The WWE schedule is intense, with multiple shows per week (00:20:27) - Wrestlers have to love what they do to endure the schedule (00:21:10) - Some wrestlers have to wrestle over 200 matches in a year (00:21:24) - The rigorous schedule sometimes makes it pointless to go home (00:21:50) - Wrestling was the first love for many wrestlers (00:22:09) - Wrestlers were prepared for the intense schedule (00:22:22) - Wrestlers are willing to sacrifice relationships and time for their passion (00:22:42) - He doesn't regret the time he spent in the industry, even though it was tough. (00:23:02) - He loved living his childhood dream of being in WWE. (00:23:13) - He was addicted to the grind and loved the constant travel and work. (00:24:00) - He felt out of place when he was home and always wanted to be on the road. (00:24:18) - He had an extreme heel run and enjoyed being booed by the audience. (00:25:31) - He initially took it personally when people booed him, but now he embraces it. (00:27:14) - He had an experience where a fan ran at him and knocked him down due to being catfished. (00:29:24) - The fan had a mental disability and was tricked into sending money to someone pretending to be him. (00:29:35) - Catfishing is not uncommon in the industry, with people pretending to be wrestlers and asking for money. (00:29:56) - The fan reached his breaking point and jumped at him during a show in Brooklyn. (00:30:23) - Fan tackles Stewie during entrance (00:31:25) - Stewie tries to defend himself without punching (00:31:30) - Stewie squeezes the fan's legs to dislodge him (00:32:30) - Stewie chooses not to press charges, asks for help for the fan (00:33:19) - Stewie got scammed by an AI using his voice for a hair fiber product promotion (00:35:43) - Apple Vision goggles can recognize where you're looking and click on the app (00:36:23) - Triple H suplexed a fan who attacked him in the ring (00:37:00) - Stewie had three other instances of fans trying to get to him (00:37:38) - Stewie advises to be cautious and aware of fans' mental state and alcohol consumption (00:37:56) - Be cautious and keep an eye out for trouble (00:38:07) - No trouble for defending oneself in volatile situations (00:38:13) - Avoid violence, but subdue if necessary (00:38:36) - Regret for past violent incident (00:38:45) - Threatening to frog splash someone off a balcony (00:38:58) - Owns and coaches at a wrestling academy (00:39:04) - Intense and demanding coach (00:39:11) - Coaching based on experience and open to ideas (00:39:30) - Strives for excellence and good quality in wrestling (00:40:22) - Nicknamed "The Visionary" for his ability to plan and strategize (00:41:09) - High expectations but not unrealistic (00:41:30) - Provides tools and skills for students to create their own masterpieces (00:42:19) - Roman Reigns found his groove as the tribal chief (00:43:01) - Uncertain who will take the title from Roman Reigns (00:44:06) - Turning Roman Reigns heel was a successful risk (00:45:43) - The next person to take the throne will have a big impact on the industry (00:46:08) - Character development and finding oneself in WWE (00:46:16) - Roman Reigns and Dom Mysterio's character development (00:46:29) - Dom Mysterio's rise to becoming a top heel in WWE (00:47:00) - The process of throwing ideas and seeing what resonates with the audience (00:47:07) - Taking responsibility for character development (00:47:19) - Autonomy given by WWE to develop characters (00:47:45) - Storyline with Dom Mysterio and Rey Mysterio's family (00:48:08) - Dom Mysterio's transformation from a babyface to a top heel (00:48:41) - Pressure and challenges of being a second-generation wrestler (00:49:18) - Adjusting to being booed as a heel character (00:49:45) - Logan Paul's transition from being himself to playing a character (00:52:00) - Understanding that the audience reacts to the character, not the person (00:52:38) - The possibility of turning a heel character into a babyface in the future (00:52:49) - Wrestling characters as amplified personalities rather than actors in movies (00:53:33) - Talks about being on the Today Show as Seth Rollins (00:54:00) - Didn't want to have kids until he met his wife (00:54:06) - Wrestling was his first love, but family is now a priority (00:55:27) - Doesn't argue much with his wife, understands each other's schedules (00:56:39) - Wrestlers understand each other's schedules and commitments (00:57:32) - Finding a partner who understands the wrestling lifestyle is important (00:58:28) - Couldn't have done the last four years without his wife (00:58:51) - Favorite match is the Money in the Bank cash-in at WrestleMania (01:00:00) - The business is about creating moments that last forever (01:00:41) - WrestleMania is a memorable event for many, like Hogan slamming Andre at WrestleMania three (01:01:00) - Seth Rollins recalls iconic WrestleMania moments, including Hogan Warrior at WrestleMania six and Michaels Bret Hart at WrestleMania 12 (01:01:23) - Being part of WrestleMania is a rare opportunity to create lasting moments (01:01:31) - Seth Rollins' highest rated matches include a five-star match with Cody Rhodes in 2022 (01:02:00) - Dave Meltzer's match ratings are subjective and don't hold much significance (01:03:29) - Match ratings are fun to debate, but ultimately mean very little (01:04:09) - Seth Rollins' walkout song is popular among fans (01:05:14) - The song debuted at WrestleMania 2021 and gained popularity when performed in front of live audiences (01:06:00) - The song caught on and fans started singing it during Seth Rollins' entrance (01:07:29) - The song became a fan favorite and gained momentum, even annoying some on Twitter (01:08:07) - Logan's encounter with fans chanting "Logan's a wanker" (01:08:40) - Seth Rollins discusses his feud with Riddle (01:09:05) - Seth Rollins believes there is no such thing as going too far in wrestling (01:09:14) - Seth Rollins talks about his real-life issues with Riddle and their reconciliation (01:10:28) - Seth Rollins discusses his plans for SummerSlam and potential opponents (01:11:40) - Seth Rollins expresses interest in facing Ricochet and LA Knight at SummerSlam (01:13:21) - Seth Rollins talks about his brother's fight against Nate Diaz and his plan to attend the match (01:14:00) - Seth Rollins discusses the logistics of attending his brother's fight after SummerSlam (01:14:16) - Seth Rollins shares his thoughts on the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz boxing match (01:15:09) - Conclusion of the podcast episode

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