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Israel Adesanya Chokes Out Logan Paul, Hated By Jon Jones, Signs $$ Deal w/ PRIME - IMPAULSIVE 381

In a recent podcast, Jon Jones expressed his admiration for Israel Adesanya, although Adesanya denies being Jones' favorite fighter. Adesanya discussed various topics, including his travel experiences, gratitude, and visualization techniques. He also talked about his encounter with Pereira at the airport and his strategy for a potential rematch. Adesanya emphasized the importance of questioning everything and being self-aware. He reflected on his recent loss and how he handles defeat. Adesanya also discussed his religious beliefs and spirituality. The podcast covered a wide range of topics, including MMA media, personal growth, and the importance of self-reflection.

Key Points

(00:00:00) - Jon Jones said Israel Adesanya is his favorite fighter (00:00:11) - Israel Adesanya jokes about being called gay (00:00:24) - Jon Jones didn't want to strike against Israel Adesanya (00:00:38) - Israel Adesanya feels relaxed in Puerto Rico because guests are trapped there (00:00:50) - Israel Adesanya talks about having fun with the best fighters in the world (00:01:21) - Introduction to the podcast (00:02:01) - Israel Adesanya talks about his travel experience (00:03:02) - Israel Adesanya talks about his ability to pack fast and travel efficiently (00:04:00) - Israel Adesanya talks about losing his bags in Chicago (00:04:37) - Israel Adesanya's professionalism and preparedness (00:05:02) - Israel Adesanya talks about his morning bike ride and gratitude (00:06:19) - Israel Adesanya talks about quitting his previous job and finding his passion (00:07:10) - Perspective on gratitude and being grateful for life (00:07:38) - Starting the day with gratitude leads to a good day (00:07:48) - Discussion on the value of time and life (00:08:11) - Mental success is built on a perspective of gratitude (00:08:33) - Recognition of the speaker's success and inspiration (00:09:14) - Appreciation for the speaker's mental fortitude and inspiring speeches (00:09:29) - Acknowledgment of the speaker's journey and rise to success (00:10:06) - Comparison of the speaker's title run to another fighter's (00:11:10) - Appreciation for the speaker's greatness and recognition (00:11:24) - Acknowledgment of the speaker's athleticism and skill (00:11:39) - Discussion on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and training with a skilled practitioner (00:12:34) - Advertisement for Manscaped grooming products (00:14:27) - Introducing Manscape products (00:14:50) - Encounter with Pereira at the airport (00:15:00) - Comparing life to a video game (00:15:09) - Meeting Pereira at the airport (00:16:14) - Discussing post-fight antics (00:17:28) - Talking about being petty (00:18:18) - Using social media to increase popularity (00:19:19) - Discussing the airport encounter with Pereira (00:20:37) - Discussing strategy for a potential rematch (00:21:01) - Visualizing fight outcomes in the shower (00:22:00) - Pressure to knock opponent out (00:22:06) - Previous fights with opponent (00:22:18) - Desire for revenge (00:22:30) - Focus on settling the score (00:22:39) - Personal belief in ability to win (00:22:47) - Climbing Mount Everest analogy (00:23:00) - Wrestling experiences (00:23:11) - Mindset going into the fight (00:23:30) - Visualization and deep focus (00:24:00) - Post-fight shower gratitude (00:24:15) - Reflecting on the victory (00:25:01) - Celebrating at the club (00:26:04) - Reflecting and running numbers (00:26:19) - Post-fight shower four days later (00:27:23) - Affirmations and visualization (00:28:01) - Exploring new techniques and practices (00:28:18) - Pressure and visualization before the fight (00:29:02) - Visualizing makes it feel real (00:29:11) - Wants people to feel his happiness (00:29:14) - Asked Joe to hold the mic (00:29:18) - Shout out to Joe Rogan (00:29:26) - Wants people to feel his happiness (00:29:31) - Those who ride with him felt the happiness (00:29:35) - The fight turned out dramatic (00:30:00) - Feels blessed to feel happiness over and over (00:30:09) - The greatest comeback in the history of combat (00:30:29) - Hyper-critical person (00:30:33) - Internet has no rules (00:31:18) - Likes to push the line (00:31:26) - Rebel Without a Cause (00:31:34) - Paving his own path (00:31:56) - Unique person with magnetism (00:32:07) - Visualizing moments before they happen (00:32:19) - Reality catches up to visualization (00:32:32) - Understanding player one mindset (00:32:45) - Flipping the switch to become a champion (00:33:09) - Always knew he wouldn't be ordinary (00:33:19) - Nigerian parents' expectations (00:33:27) - Parents supported despite not understanding (00:35:19) - Parents now analyze opponents (00:35:43) - Paved the way for siblings (00:36:00) - Feeling of greatness is common among successful people (00:36:21) - Each of us is here as a result of winning the race to the egg. (00:37:34) - Everyone on this planet has something to offer. (00:38:03) - Some people have a problem executing change. (00:38:10) - It takes people to make change happen. (00:39:05) - Execution speed differs between individuals. (00:40:05) - Failure doesn't deter me; it's about the journey. (00:42:30) - The sky is not the limit; the universe is. (00:43:15) - I'm still the champ, regardless of the belt. (00:43:38) - People want to fight me because I'm one of the greatest. (00:44:01) - Losing to me is still an accomplishment. (00:44:15) - MMA media can be unreliable and should be taken with a grain of salt (00:44:39) - Adesanya stopped looking at MMA media after his loss to Pereira in New York (00:45:05) - Adesanya wanted to feel his emotions before speaking publicly about his last fight (00:45:13) - Adesanya received offers to talk about his last fight but wanted to take time to process it (00:45:24) - Being first is not as important as being right in the media (00:45:46) - Adesanya is speaking publicly about his last fight for the first time (00:46:53) - Jon Jones said Adesanya is his favorite fighter, but Adesanya denies it (00:47:25) - Adesanya says he and Jones are not friends and have never had a real conversation (00:47:55) - Adesanya questions the truth of the Homasat story and other media stories (00:48:05) - Adesanya doesn't follow MMA pages and only hears things secondhand (00:48:23) - Adesanya believes in questioning everything, including himself, for personal growth (00:52:29) - The speaker discusses being open to changing their mind when presented with new information. (00:53:00) - The speaker talks about the importance of being flexible and adaptable in one's beliefs. (00:53:11) - The speaker mentions the need to question everything, including their own beliefs. (00:53:19) - The speaker emphasizes the importance of questioning the answers to the questions asked. (00:53:29) - The speaker talks about the need to question even professional advice. (00:54:07) - The speaker shares a personal example of questioning their own feelings of jealousy. (00:55:04) - The speaker discusses the importance of self-awareness and how it affects relationships with others. (00:55:19) - The speaker mentions encountering fans who exhibit entitlement and lack self-awareness. (00:56:01) - The speaker emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and how it comes with time and learning. (00:57:41) - The speaker discusses the opportunity for self-reflection and checking in with oneself. (00:58:56) - The speaker talks about the benefits of being awake while the rest of the world sleeps. (00:59:08) - The speaker mentions that being humbled is important for personal growth. (00:59:45) - Losing is the worst thing that can happen to a person, but it can also lead to growth and strength (01:00:03) - After losing a fight, the speaker didn't invite his family to the event except for his brother (01:00:15) - The speaker reassured his family that he was okay after the loss (01:01:09) - The speaker's appearance on a podcast and press conference after the loss made people feel that he was okay (01:02:11) - The speaker hates losing but knows how to handle it due to past experiences (01:03:12) - The speaker grew up in a religious household but questioned the existence of God at a young age (01:05:25) - The speaker had a negative perception of the word "God" for a period of time (01:06:34) - The speaker's physical appearance changed as he grew older (01:07:08) - The speaker considers himself religious but acknowledges the importance of spirituality in the world (01:07:41) - They watched five chains on and then ditched everyone and walked around the house with two other people, talking about life. (01:07:52) - They connected and realized that the person they were talking to was crazy. (01:08:01) - They didn't know each other well before that night, but had done research on each other. (01:08:08) - They talked about the hate the person was receiving and their second boxing fight. (01:08:18) - They discussed ideas, including putting a fish tank in the wall. (01:09:19) - They both have a mindset of believing in themselves and their goals. (01:09:28) - They discussed the idea of being spiritual beings living a human existence. (01:10:13) - They discussed the importance of admitting when they don't know something. (01:11:06) - They talked about the possibility of reincarnation and not knowing what happens after death. (01:12:00) - They discussed the significance of the chain given to the person as a symbol of being in their prime. (01:13:04) - They mentioned the person getting engaged and receiving a chain from someone else. (01:13:19) - They discussed sponsorship and the person joining the team. (01:13:54) - They mentioned the person choking the speaker out during training. (01:14:27) - They appreciated each other's humility and lack of ego during training. (01:15:00) - They discussed the possibility of the speaker doing a training session. (01:15:09) - Mention of something problematic (01:15:13) - Impulsive thoughts (01:15:21) - Idea of becoming a simultaneous WWE, UFC, and boxing champion (01:15:48) - Declining the idea of fighting someone (01:16:00) - Not interested in fighting (01:16:09) - Appreciation for self-awareness (01:16:14) - Positive opinion of the person (01:16:20) - Shower thoughts and confidence in WWE (01:16:31) - Confidence in boxing (01:17:06) - Problem with UFC Championship (01:17:14) - Respect for not wanting to fight (01:17:18) - Appreciation for defying odds (01:17:31) - Excitement for a fight (01:18:00) - Entertaining fight with Floyd Mayweather (01:19:00) - Confidence gained after the fight (01:20:40) - Mention of a potential fight with someone (01:21:09) - Interest in a fight with someone else (01:21:30) - Mention of a wrestler from Thailand (01:22:17) - Picture of guys training in a small room in Thailand (01:23:16) - They sparred together in 2014 (01:24:49) - He has a documentary coming out in the Tribeca Film Festival (01:25:11) - The film is about his professional life and childhood (01:25:39) - The film is recommended for men to watch (01:26:03) - He is in touch with both his masculine and feminine sides (01:26:19) - His manager helped him out financially (01:27:00) - He doesn't have to act tough and doesn't fight for free (01:27:27) - His knockouts are worth 50k USD (01:28:11) - The bonus for knockouts should be increased (01:29:00) - Street fights are different, no referee to stop the fight (01:29:24) - He walks around with his team for protection (01:30:45) - Thanks for coming on the podcast

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