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Extend Your Tools with Nutshell

We are developing extensions for the tools you already love.

Chrome Extension

chrome extension feature of youtube summary coming soon

Have Nutshell display the summaries right inside Youtube with this powerful chrome extension.

Zoom App

Have a summary of your meeting sent to you, so you can share it with your attendees or send it to those that missed it so they don't stay behind.

summary of zoom meetings app
o pop up notification saying Lou booked a meeting


create youtube summary in your app
a checked sign to confirm the taks is completed

Summarize Jira issues, comments and much more with this app.

Open API

Apply the Nutshell technology to your apps with our API. Contact us for more details.

API to create summaries
benefit from api that creates summaries
developer tools to create summary of videos

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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