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Nicky Jam On Logan Paul VS Bad Bunny, Sliding in Lana Rhoades DM, Rise Of Peso Pluma: IMPAULSIVE 382

Nicky Jam talks about having ADHD and getting in trouble in school because of it, and girls loving him because he's rich. The podcast episode introduces Nicky Jam as a guest and they discuss the early morning recording time and their travel to Miami. Nicky Jam talks about his success as a Latin Pop Culture icon, his upbringing in Puerto Rico, and his early experiences in the music industry. He discusses the importance of artists taking control of their music and contracts, avoiding 360 deals, and owning the masters of their music. He also talks about the power of social media in reshaping contracts and making a national hit in Colombia. The speaker and the interviewer discuss the impact of social media and negative comments, as well as the speaker's journey to overcome drug addiction. They also touch on the speaker's relationship with Daddy Yankee and their belief in God. The speaker mentions their involvement in the World Cup song and their struggles with concentration due to ADHD. They express pride in the success of Latin music and collaborations with new artists, but also disappointment in the lack of respect from the new generation towards older artists. The speaker talks about diversifying their career and their plans to build a resort on an island in Colombia. They also discuss language learning and the competitive nature of Miami. The episode ends with the speaker expressing gratitude and interest in visiting Puerto Rico.

Key Points

(00:00:00) - Nicky Jam's girlfriend accuses him of being in her DMs (00:00:04) - Nicky Jam talks about having ADHD (00:00:12) - Nicky Jam talks about getting in trouble in school because of his ADHD (00:00:19) - Nicky Jam talks about girls loving him because he is rich (00:00:36) - Introduction to the podcast episode (00:01:00) - Nicky Jam and the hosts discuss the early morning recording time (00:01:11) - Nicky Jam and the hosts talk about their travel to Miami for the podcast (00:01:30) - Introduction to Nicky Jam as a guest on the podcast (00:02:00) - Nicky Jam talks about his success as a Latin Pop Culture icon (00:02:11) - Nicky Jam and the hosts exchange greetings (00:02:17) - Nicky Jam talks about being a morning person and closing deals (00:02:29) - Nicky Jam talks about his upbringing and moving to Puerto Rico (00:04:10) - The hosts express admiration for Nicky Jam's journey and success (00:04:38) - Nicky Jam talks about growing up in Puerto Rico and his early experiences (00:05:10) - Nicky Jam talks about rapping while packing groceries and getting discovered (00:06:26) - Nicky Jam talks about signing a contract at a young age without reading it (00:06:57) - Nicky Jam reveals that he didn't receive any money from his first album (00:07:16) - Mentality of taking opportunities and learning from them (00:07:39) - Creating a successful business in the music industry (00:08:06) - Artists taking more control of their music and contracts (00:08:18) - Avoiding signing 360 deals (00:08:34) - Not letting the record label determine the music (00:08:44) - Owning masters of the music (00:09:00) - Contract becoming a blueprint for artists (00:09:10) - Discovering the power to reshape the contract (00:09:19) - Social media and clout influencing contract demands (00:10:00) - Making a national hit in Colombia to regain popularity (00:11:10) - Meeting manager Juan Diego Medina for comeback (00:11:39) - Having a big platform and demanding a valuable contract (00:12:18) - Activating a culture that can't be ignored (00:12:41) - Changing music industry and label wanting to expand horizons (00:13:00) - Not wanting to sign with a record label initially (00:13:15) - Realizing the value of a record label's work (00:13:23) - YouTube views and platform helping secure a deal (00:14:19) - The speaker was one of the first influencers on Instagram and used videos to show his personality and connect with people. (00:15:05) - As he became more successful and made more money, it became harder for him to connect with people on social media. (00:15:32) - Spanish people appreciate showing off on social media, but once you become successful, they see it as being cocky. (00:16:00) - It's important to stay relatable to people and not lose your organic authenticity. (00:16:13) - The speaker went through a similar experience of showing off his purchases and annoying his fans. (00:17:00) - Some people are inspired by successful people, while others resent them due to their own feelings of inadequacy. (00:18:28) - The speaker believes that there are more people who want to tear others down than those who are inspired by success. (00:19:10) - The world is currently sinking, and there are more people with negative mental health than positive. (00:20:10) - The speaker admits to leaving a negative comment on a YouTube video when he was younger and realizing the impact of his words. (00:21:23) - The speaker believes that social media is slowly increasing the emotional intelligence of humanity. (00:21:48) - The speaker and the interviewer have different perspectives on social media. (00:22:00) - Social media can inspire and influence people, even young children. (00:22:12) - It's important to have a balance and not let social media affect you. (00:22:18) - The speaker got angry at a negative comment on Instagram but later found it amusing. (00:23:18) - People leave negative comments for validation and attention. (00:24:06) - Negative comments used to affect the speaker, but now they don't because he thinks about the person leaving the comment. (00:24:27) - The speaker believes that negative comments say more about the person leaving them than about him. (00:24:56) - The speaker receives a lot of love and validation from his fans. (00:25:12) - As people get older, they tend to care less about negative comments. (00:25:26) - The speaker read a comment that brought him down momentarily. (00:26:14) - Daddy Yankee was famous before the speaker and the speaker always wanted to meet him. (00:26:24) - The speaker met Daddy Yankee in a club and was surprised by his appearance. (00:27:19) - The speaker used to sing with a Jamaican accent and people thought he was Jamaican. (00:28:02) - Daddy Yankee heard the speaker's album and criticized it but saw potential in him. (00:28:23) - Daddy Yankee invited the speaker to perform with him in the Dominican Republic, which led to a record deal. (00:28:52) - Signed with the cartel records (00:29:00) - Music became illegal in Puerto Rico (00:29:06) - CDs were broken and music was taken off radio (00:29:23) - Received $5,000 from Daddy Yankee to sign with him (00:29:34) - Started using drugs, including ecstasy and cocaine (00:30:04) - Started doing music with Daddy Yankee (00:30:17) - Produced hits that are still played today (00:30:43) - Started using drugs due to family history and personal issues (00:31:09) - Started doing cocaine at 14 years old (00:31:19) - Started using ecstasy and other drugs (00:31:44) - Uncle died of drugs in front of him (00:32:00) - Filled a void due to family issues and lack of mother's presence (00:32:12) - Drug use was normalized in the music culture (00:32:53) - Became a drug addict and gained weight (00:34:00) - Pills affected his mind and judgment (00:35:09) - Embarrassments and jail time due to drug use (00:36:23) - Daddy Yankee realized the severity of his drug use (00:36:40) - The speaker's friend disapproved of their drug use. (00:37:14) - The friend warned the speaker that their drug use would ruin their career. (00:37:30) - The friend tried multiple times to help the speaker, but there was only so much they could do. (00:39:13) - The speaker had a moment of realization and decided to change their behavior after going to a church. (00:40:39) - The speaker made a deal with God to stop using drugs and everything in their life changed. (00:41:16) - The speaker and their friend, Yankee, have resolved their past issues and have a good relationship now. (00:43:44) - The speaker is grateful for Yankee's attempts to help them and considers him a great partner and brother. (00:44:25) - The speaker talks about trudging through mud and having a connection with God. (00:44:37) - The speaker confirms having a relationship with God and not identifying with a particular religion. (00:45:00) - The speaker relates to the host's belief in God and not following a specific religious path. (00:45:32) - The speaker shares about being locked up for four days and going through detox. (00:45:48) - The speaker talks about getting clean in 2010 and wearing all black to stay slim. (00:46:40) - The speaker mentions not using drugs anymore and only drinking alcohol. (00:46:57) - The speaker explains how drugs affected their motor system and brain. (00:48:02) - The speaker discusses going to Colombia and feeling supported in their journey to get clean. (00:49:05) - The speaker expresses gratitude for Colombia and its people. (00:50:38) - The speaker talks about their addictions manifesting in other areas, such as relationships. (00:51:57) - The speaker shares about being in a relationship and not messing around, but going crazy when single. (00:52:45) - The host compliments the speaker's appearance and suggests that drugs have preserved them. (00:53:07) - He looks young and successful (00:53:39) - He tried to be hip by using a popular phrase from TikTok (00:54:06) - The World Cup song was a big deal for him (00:54:17) - His song for the World Cup wasn't a hit, but it helped him get a role in Bad Boys (00:55:07) - It's hard to manufacture a hit song (00:55:32) - If he had written the World Cup song himself, it would have been better (00:56:11) - He thinks he has ADHD and believes it contributes to his success (00:57:23) - He jokes about his ADHD and says he can't concentrate (00:58:39) - He shares a funny story about playing with his "pee pee" in school (00:59:46) - He talks about the success of Latin music and his role in its rise (01:01:20) - He is proud of the collaborations and success of Latin artists (01:02:10) - Some artists in the new generation lack respect for the older generation (01:02:43) - Vico C is a respected old school artist in the Spanish music industry (01:03:11) - The new generation doesn't pay homage to their predecessors (01:03:27) - The lack of respect from the new generation is disappointing (01:04:41) - Anuel AA, Bad Bunny, and Fuego are some of the new artists that the speaker respects and collaborates with (01:06:57) - Bad Bunny's wrestling career is seen as a smart move to reach a wider audience (01:08:00) - The speaker emphasizes that he has a background in athletics and wrestling, unlike Bad Bunny (01:09:09) - Diversifying is important (01:09:16) - Spreading oneself out is important (01:09:24) - Doing multiple things at once (01:09:29) - Bought an island in Colombia (01:09:34) - Building a resort on the island (01:10:00) - Resort will have a lazy river (01:10:09) - Render of the resort is shown (01:10:18) - Resort will take time and money to build (01:11:01) - Diversifying to maintain lifestyle (01:11:11) - Learning from dark times (01:11:18) - Applying learnings to succeed (01:11:25) - Capitalizing on diversification (01:12:24) - Being smart by being stupid (01:13:00) - Guessing Spanish sentences (01:13:46) - Asking for phone number in Spanish (01:14:13) - Saying someone smells like a pig in Spanish (01:14:45) - Saying something after a speech in Spanish (01:15:32) - Funny translation story in Spanish (01:17:01) - Learning Spanish in Puerto Rico (01:17:31) - In the future, we may be able to wear glasses or use a chip in our ear to translate and speak for us. (01:17:39) - Puerto Ricans speak a lot of English compared to other countries due to their proximity to the US. (01:18:00) - Learning Spanish in Puerto Rico may be difficult due to the lack of a language barrier. (01:18:06) - The speaker wants to learn English in Miami. (01:18:13) - The speaker suggests using Duolingo to learn English. (01:18:29) - The speaker asks if the person is in Miami full time and expresses their love for the city. (01:19:01) - The speaker talks about the competitive nature of Miami and how it motivates them to strive for success. (01:19:19) - The speaker mentions a scenario where someone has a bigger yacht than them, emphasizing the competitive atmosphere in Miami. (01:19:51) - The speaker recommends a pancake spot called Industria in Miami and offers to shoot a YouTube video there. (01:21:14) - The speaker introduces a hydration beverage called Prime and offers it to the person. (01:21:30) - The person tries the Prime beverage and likes it. (01:21:48) - The speaker expresses admiration for the person's work ethic and hustle. (01:22:01) - The speaker suggests going to get pancakes together and asks for the person's number. (01:22:12) - The person agrees to go get pancakes and exchange numbers. (01:23:01) - The speaker mentions having Prince Royce on the show and describes him as a humble and shy person. (01:24:20) - The speaker thanks the person for the interview and expresses gratitude for the love and support. (01:24:39) - The speaker expresses interest in visiting Puerto Rico and suggests meeting up in Dorado.

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