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Nina Agdal On Marrying Logan Paul, Making Him Wait to Hook Up: IMPAULSIVE 389

The video discusses the engagement and how the couple kept their relationship private. They also talk about the cost and details of the engagement ring. The speaker emphasizes the importance of their connection rather than the ring itself. The proposal was a memorable moment for the speaker, who wanted to document it and remember it for the rest of their lives. The video also touches on the couple's experiences with online bullying and negativity, as well as their belief in the support of their fans and community. The video concludes with the speaker expressing their love and appreciation for their partner and apologizing for setting unrealistic relationship expectations for men.

Key Points

(00:00:00) - They discuss the engagement and how they kept their relationship private (00:05:32) - They talk about the cost and details of the engagement ring (00:07:32) - Nina didn't focus on the ring, but on their connection (00:07:36) - The speaker tells their partner to look at the object and asks if they like it. (00:07:41) - The speaker wants to be present and remember the moment because it will only happen once in their life. (00:08:00) - The speaker wanted to remember the proposal because they don't remember much. (00:08:09) - The speaker saw how big the ring was and thought it was good. (00:08:15) - The proposal was responsible for many women crying. (00:08:19) - The speaker knew the proposal was happening. (00:08:33) - The speaker noticed some hints that the proposal was going to happen. (00:09:03) - The speaker noticed subtle things that gave away the proposal. (00:09:19) - The speaker recalls a moment in Copenhagen where their partner touched their ring finger. (00:10:03) - The speaker's partner was trying to get the ring size right. (00:10:27) - The speaker wanted to make a nice video of the proposal. (00:10:45) - The speaker and their partner arrived at Lake Como and had an amazing day. (00:11:26) - The speaker thought there would be no engagement on the trip but got earrings instead. (00:12:00) - The earrings were meant to distract the speaker from thinking about a proposal. (00:12:07) - The speaker was nervous during dinner before the proposal. (00:12:44) - The speaker felt relieved and lighter after the proposal. (00:13:27) - The video transitions to a sponsor message for Manscaped. (00:14:54) - The person was nervous about filming the proposal but felt it was important to document the special moment. (00:15:06) - The person didn't want to involve their partner in the negativity and hate they receive online. (00:15:33) - The person and their partner have experienced online bullying and negativity. (00:16:30) - The person believes that most online hate comes from jealousy. (00:17:34) - The person doesn't care about the negative comments but their partner does. (00:18:02) - The person believes that people leaving mean comments online are losers. (00:19:08) - The person felt it was important to document their relationship and the proposal. (00:20:31) - The person wanted to make a video of the proposal to have it for the rest of their lives. (00:21:00) - The person and their partner decided to post the proposal video online. (00:21:13) - The person and their partner believe that their success is due to the support of their fans and community. (00:22:09) - The person and their partner met through mutual connections in the modeling industry. (00:23:08) - Logan thought Nina was the prettiest girl on the planet for a long time. (00:23:20) - Nina had a Super Bowl commercial for Carl's Jr. (00:23:25) - Logan wanted to get Nina for a shoot but she canceled the day before. (00:24:12) - Nina canceled because Logan's day rate was too low and she didn't want to be associated with his past. (00:25:31) - Six months later, Logan meets Nina at the Hard Rock Hotel and they hit it off. (00:26:59) - Logan knew immediately that he was obsessed with Nina and they have been together ever since. (00:27:22) - Logan and Nina hooked up on the first night but didn't have sex for a while. (00:29:45) - Waiting to have sex had a positive effect on their relationship. (00:30:57) - Paul is unsure about having sex on the first date. (00:31:08) - The speaker's past girlfriends made him wait before getting intimate. (00:31:14) - The speaker believes that waiting for five days would have shown the same level of respect. (00:31:33) - The conversation changes to a different topic. (00:31:37) - The speaker initially had reservations about doing a shoot with Logan due to things he had heard about him. (00:32:02) - The speaker overcame his reservations after having a conversation with Logan for 30 seconds. (00:33:19) - The speaker believes that people's judgment of Logan would change if they had a conversation with him. (00:33:25) - Logan has gone through hardships and has come out as a better person. (00:34:00) - The speaker acknowledges that they have made mistakes and have had ups and downs. (00:34:12) - The speaker believes that people should not be quickly demonized for their mistakes. (00:35:14) - The speaker believes that everyone is learning and growing. (00:35:48) - The speaker acknowledges that Logan has made mistakes but still sees him as a good man. (00:36:24) - The speaker recounts a fight between their girlfriend and best friend. (00:37:28) - The speaker did not consider the potential for controversies in their decision to be with Logan. (00:38:01) - The speaker feels like they have known Logan for years and believes in him. (00:38:39) - The speaker acknowledges that being in a relationship with Logan comes with ups and downs. (00:39:25) - Moments during the downs solidified the relationship (00:39:42) - Experienced dark thoughts, but partner supported (00:40:07) - Partner's support made him realize her love (00:41:04) - Every low moment turned into a positive (00:42:19) - Improved communication in the relationship (00:43:09) - Realized the need to change self-sabotaging behavior (00:43:38) - Had a difficult month but supported each other (00:43:50) - Activated qualities to be a good partner (00:44:00) - Tried to avoid conflicts and communicate better (00:44:20) - Had fiery arguments but worked through them (00:45:38) - Grew up in Denmark with a normal childhood (00:46:19) - Denmark is safe with free healthcare and education (00:47:06) - Wanted more than the traditional Danish culture (00:47:26) - Finland ranks high in happiness but also has a high suicide rate (00:48:02) - Mental health is not discussed openly in Finland (00:48:20) - Finland has flat land, not igloos (00:49:08) - The speaker has a list of qualities for a girlfriend/wife (00:49:31) - Gratefulness is an important quality for the speaker (00:50:51) - The speaker moved to Miami without knowing anyone or English (00:52:53) - The speaker's career took off after a casting with Victoria's Secret (00:54:56) - The speaker became a successful model, traveling and working worldwide (00:55:26) - Wanted to make money to be independent and live a different life (00:55:39) - Asked if he had karate in his background (00:55:46) - He wanted to let her talk (00:56:05) - He asked if she was comfortable with questions (00:56:08) - She said she didn't want it to be an interview (00:56:20) - Talked about terms from the igloo (00:56:45) - Asked if they should ask questions (00:57:02) - Asked if there were any particular questions (00:57:13) - He said the real moments are with them (00:57:26) - Talked about getting a skydiving license (00:57:36) - She wasn't cool with it (00:57:49) - He explained the number of jumps he had to do (00:58:01) - She didn't want him to do it (00:58:11) - She didn't sign up for him jumping out of planes (00:58:19) - Talked about the action figure (00:58:33) - Talked about PDA and responsibility in public (00:59:00) - He said he doesn't like PDA in public (00:59:28) - She said they haven't made out in public yet (00:59:52) - He said their PDA is responsible for their relationship stage (01:00:59) - Talked about being empathetic to people without lovers (01:02:19) - Jeff brought up feeling victimized by PDA (01:02:45) - Talked about working out together and being sarcastic (01:02:53) - He opened up a TV to look at something (01:02:58) - The speaker mentions watching a TED Talk about depression. (01:03:07) - The speaker and someone else laugh about the TED Talk. (01:03:13) - The other person mentions watching motivational videos on YouTube, including one by David Goggins. (01:03:18) - The other person talks about feeling motivated after watching the video. (01:03:29) - The speaker agrees and decides to take action to fix their own problems. (01:04:01) - The speaker discusses their own struggles with mental health and the importance of exercise. (01:04:20) - The speaker talks about their partner's struggles with understanding mental health issues. (01:05:18) - The speaker mentions their own experiences with anxiety and depression. (01:06:25) - The speaker discusses how their partner has learned to support them through their mental health struggles. (01:07:09) - The speaker acknowledges that understanding mental illness can be difficult for those who don't experience it. (01:08:01) - The speaker expresses gratitude for their partner's efforts to understand and support them. (01:09:56) - The speaker discusses their partner's coping mechanisms and their own efforts to support them. (01:10:43) - The speaker acknowledges the challenges of dealing with mental health issues in today's society. (01:11:11) - Mental illness is unpredictable and can affect daily life (01:11:30) - Coping mechanisms are important for managing mental health (01:12:05) - Support and reassurance from loved ones is crucial for those with mental health issues (01:12:19) - It's important to let friends with mental health issues know that you love and support them (01:13:28) - The speaker and their partner are planning to get married and have children (01:14:00) - The speaker and their partner rescued a dog and are considering keeping it (01:14:26) - The speaker's partner wants to have a bachelor party without strippers or hookers (01:17:02) - The speaker expresses their love and appreciation for their partner (01:17:28) - The speaker apologizes for setting unrealistic relationship expectations for men (01:18:16) - Conclusion and farewell to viewers

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