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Prince Royce On Relationship w/ Jennifer Lopez, Logan’s Cringe Singing, Being Robbed in LA - EP. 384

Prince Royce discusses various topics in a video interview. He talks about making music videos, being mistaken for a gringo in Latin America, and his first podcast. He also shares his experiences with fame, losing friends, and the assumptions people make on social media. Prince Royce discusses his rise to fame in the music industry, his fusion of different styles in Bachata music, and his influences. He talks about his journey in the music industry, his process of creating music, and his interest in various adventurous activities. Prince Royce also discusses relationships, collaborations with other artists, and the challenges he has faced. He shares personal stories, including one about having his sneakers stolen. He talks about the importance of learning from difficult experiences, staying true to oneself, and dealing with online criticism. Prince Royce mentions his current projects, including working on a new album and judging a talent show. He also discusses his interests in different countries and his passion for singing and writing songs. Prince Royce talks about Miami, Pokemon cards, cancel culture, and the importance of saving money and investing. He emphasizes the need to appreciate accomplishments, value memories, and stay positive and motivated.

Key Points

(00:00:00) - Prince Royce talks about making a music video (00:00:05) - Bachata fans say his Bachata is better (00:00:15) - Sometimes mistaken for a gringo in Latin America (00:00:24) - Prince Royce has never been to Japan (00:00:39) - Three rules from high school: no bullying, no sending pics, and avoid hemorrhoids (00:01:18) - Latin music is blowing up and surpassing country music (00:02:13) - Prince Royce looks good (00:02:21) - Shout out to More Play Academy and Rich Music in Miami (00:03:05) - Prince Royce's first podcast (00:03:19) - Prince Royce is introverted and anti-social (00:04:08) - Losing friends with fame (00:06:00) - People change when you become successful (00:07:30) - Success can make people reflect inward and feel turned off by it (00:08:07) - People on social media assume things about others based on what they see. (00:08:18) - People assume that buying a new car means someone is wealthy, without considering loans or monthly payments. (00:08:49) - The speaker is turned off by social media because of the overwhelming amount of information and confusion. (00:09:12) - The speaker's rise to fame in the music industry led to falling out with friends who felt entitled to his success. (00:10:18) - The speaker shares a personal story of being recognized on the train while still working a regular job. (00:11:40) - Friends and family started asking the speaker for favors and money once he gained fame. (00:12:38) - The speaker's uncle, who he wasn't close with, demanded a pickup truck from him. (00:12:44) - NASCAR is hosting a road course race in Chicago to celebrate 75 years of racing. (00:13:19) - The speaker explains what Bachata music is and its origins in the Dominican Republic. (00:14:00) - Bachata music was initially frowned upon and associated with strip clubs, but it grew in popularity and became more commercial. (00:15:31) - The speaker's Bachata music is a fusion of different styles, which some purists criticize. (00:15:54) - TikTok video of someone criticizing Prince Royce's Bachata (00:16:28) - Prince Royce believes in being unique and pushing the envelope in music (00:16:59) - Being different is important in the music industry (00:17:30) - Prince Royce's first song was a Spanglish cover of "Stand By Me" (00:18:02) - Latin music is growing and fusing English and Spanish (00:18:38) - Prince Royce feels caught between English and Spanish cultures (00:19:19) - Prince Royce grew up in a heavily Latin community in the Bronx (00:20:10) - Influences include Eminem, Usher, Juan Luis Guerra, Anthony Santos, and Aventura (00:21:17) - Prince Royce funded his first album with money from a cell phone store (00:22:05) - Sprint was a different telecom company at the time (00:23:00) - Prince Royce started writing poetry in junior high school and believes in creating passionately in Bachata (00:23:50) - In the studio, the process starts with writing a beautiful, emotional song. (00:24:17) - Recording involves multiple instruments and takes weeks or even years for an album. (00:24:41) - The artist is involved in recording vocals and works closely with their producer. (00:25:22) - The artist tried to pursue a singing career but struggled and switched to poetry. (00:26:07) - The artist shares a humorous poem about their failed attempt at singing. (00:26:48) - The artist discusses the process of selecting songs for an album and discards many tracks. (00:29:26) - The artist talks about their adventurous side and pursuing various licenses. (00:30:00) - The artist shares their experience with skydiving and the thrill of saving their own life. (00:31:08) - The artist recounts a skydiving incident where their parachute didn't open properly. (00:31:24) - The artist discusses their interest in obtaining a hot air balloon or helicopter license. (00:32:06) - Pilot license has always been a dream (00:32:23) - YouTuber crashed plane for clout (00:32:42) - Pilot's license revoked, arrested (00:33:19) - Getting pilot license is tough, takes time (00:33:59) - Skydiving, scuba diving, and motorcycle riding are fun but dangerous (00:34:07) - Adrenaline junkie, but not intentionally (00:34:17) - Combine activities like skydiving and motorcycle riding (00:34:46) - Ran a marathon for National Kidney Foundation (00:35:10) - Used Nike app to track marathon progress (00:35:23) - Cousin does Iron Man races (00:36:01) - Curious about how to allocate time for various activities (00:36:51) - Big video game player, plays Call of Duty and Mario Kart (00:37:19) - Call of Duty challenges to unlock skins (00:37:41) - Avoiding divorce: got together young, grew apart (00:40:08) - Divorce due to long-distance relationship (00:40:28) - Cut hair for a rebirth vibe (00:40:51) - People like the hair that I had, it defied gravity and stayed firm even in the wind. (00:41:29) - Breakups help inspire music and make you reflect on what could have been done differently. (00:42:07) - Being a heartthrob while in a committed relationship was tough to navigate. (00:43:13) - Getting money at a young age made things difficult, but I handled it well. (00:44:49) - Jennifer Lopez is a cool and down-to-earth person, she even cooked for me. (00:45:25) - Collaborating with Shakira, Daddy Yankee, and Marc Anthony were big moments for me. (00:46:01) - Most collaborations were genuine and organic, but there were some people who weren't cool. (00:47:02) - Everyone gets humbled at some point, it's good for personal growth. (00:47:17) - There were times when my expectations weren't met, like releasing an album that didn't perform well. (00:48:00) - I got my sneakers stolen and had to walk home barefoot in front of my girlfriend. (00:48:52) - Stories about Waterbury, Connecticut (00:49:10) - Experience of having sneakers stolen (00:49:38) - Importance of learning from difficult experiences (00:50:00) - Developing thick skin and resilience (00:51:19) - Staying true to oneself in the creative industry (00:52:30) - Dealing with online criticism and bullying (00:54:55) - Working on a new album and judging a talent show in Chile (00:55:56) - Allergic reaction in Chile and performing with a swollen face (00:56:43) - Unique problem of being far from home in a country with a different language during a health emergency (00:57:13) - Difficulty in finding appropriate medicine in a foreign country (00:58:19) - Discussion about Easter Island and North Sentinel Island (00:59:19) - North Sentinel Island's indigenous people who reject outsiders and have no connection to the outside world (01:00:44) - Interest in visiting Saudi Arabia and Australia (01:02:26) - Singing to girls and writing songs for them (01:03:06) - Discussion about Miami and its reputation (01:03:34) - Question about the Pokemon illustrator and personal experience with Pokemon cards (01:04:23) - Regret over losing valuable Pokemon cards and buying them again at a higher price (01:05:31) - Grading system for cards like PSA 3 or PSA 4 (01:05:39) - Condition is the most important factor in determining card value (01:06:04) - New certifications are grading harder now (01:06:12) - Grading can change card value significantly (01:06:32) - Jack Reese is a great grader (01:06:45) - Conversation about hair length (01:07:04) - Cancel culture discussion (01:09:13) - Diversifying investments in retirement, property, stocks, and art (01:10:19) - Description of a metal bar sculpture called "Ascending Horse" (01:13:16) - Realizing the importance of saving money and investing in late 20s (01:13:19) - Trading cars and buying expensive ones (01:13:49) - Starting to save money, buy property, and invest in stocks and crypto (01:15:07) - Taking more risks in business and money (01:15:46) - Importance of saving money for a rainy day (01:16:12) - Regretting selling a dream car but eventually buying it back (01:18:00) - Recognizing the need to appreciate accomplishments and be proud of oneself (01:19:15) - Valuing memories and taking more photos (01:19:49) - Staying positive, grateful, and motivated (01:20:08) - Thanking the guest for joining the conversation

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