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Logan Paul Gets Engaged, Andrew Tate Escapes Prison, Full Send VS Schulz, FDA Investigating PRIME?!

summary of: Logan Paul Gets Engaged, Andrew Tate Escapes Prison, Full Send VS Schulz, FDA Investigating PRIME?!

Logan Paul discusses his engagement and the challenges of filming the proposal. He addresses criticism of his energy drink, Prime, and suggests lobbyists are creating negative headlines. He also talks about creating enemies for viewership and dismisses Chuck Schumer's actions. The speaker shares a personal story about a disrespectful dinner incident and advises keeping Latinas away from white girls. He expresses surprise and disappointment in Adam22's actions and discusses the impact on his relationship. The speaker praises Andrew Tate for handling a case in Romania and reflects on his own prison experience. He criticizes the state of the country and discusses controversial topics. The speaker questions the legality of twin brothers promoting their OnlyFans and discusses trust issues caused by Jonah Hill's private messages. He mentions Morgan Wallen's popularity and discusses government corruption and Epstein. The podcast ends with a discussion on first-class seating and the importance of guests showing up as expected.

Key Points

(00:00:00) - Discussing the line between privacy and public exposure (00:00:11) - Commenting on Adam's Twitter picture and infidelity (00:00:15) - Arrested multiple times for various reasons (00:00:23) - Mentioning Bradley and inviting him to spar in Puerto Rico (00:00:39) - Enjoying the sound of ice cream (00:01:08) - Describing an NPC streamer on TikTok with a large following (00:01:43) - Making money as an NPC streamer (00:02:00) - Observing a decline in intelligence and the rise of mindless content (00:02:18) - Noting the lack of quality in copycat NPC streamers (00:03:00) - Questioning who pays for the content and why (00:03:30) - Discussing the appeal of the NPC streamer's voice and actions (00:04:00) - Explaining the use of a popcorn kernel in the stream (00:05:00) - Reflecting on how society's norms have shifted (00:06:19) - Excitement over buying a wacky wavy inflatable arm man (00:07:15) - Joking about not answering FaceTime calls due to being newly engaged (00:07:39) - He almost told his audience about the proposal before it happened (00:07:52) - He was worried about something going wrong and had to reschedule the proposal (00:08:02) - He wanted to share the proposal because it's the next chapter of his life (00:08:08) - He wanted to introduce his fiance to his audience (00:08:30) - Someone at the hotel leaked the proposal news and tried to sell the video to TMZ (00:09:00) - The interviewer praises him for being a great storyteller and the proposal video being an incredible adventure (00:09:19) - The complexity of filming the proposal made it harder (00:11:05) - He appreciates his fiance's astute observation skills (00:11:35) - Filming the proposal made it a thousand times harder (00:12:08) - His fiance doesn't like sharing her personal life online (00:12:24) - He had multiple cameras and devices filming the proposal (00:13:19) - He didn't tell many people beforehand to minimize risks of the proposal being leaked (00:13:30) - The interviewer jokes about leaking the proposal if they were there (00:13:45) - He promotes Blue Nile for buying jewelry (00:15:01) - He never imagined himself getting engaged before (00:15:11) - Logan Paul talks about his engagement and how he knew his girlfriend was the one. (00:15:32) - He started planning the proposal about three and a half to four months ago. (00:16:11) - Chuck Schumer urged the FDA to investigate Prime, but the FDA is not currently investigating it. (00:17:21) - Logan Paul explains that Prime is FDA compliant and follows all regulations. (00:18:32) - He suggests that lobbyists are creating negative headlines about Prime because it is disrupting the market. (00:19:02) - Logan Paul mentions that Gatorade's Fast Twitch also contains 200mg of caffeine but does not have an age restriction. (00:20:38) - He talks about the power of the government and how they can come after anyone. (00:21:39) - Logan Paul discusses the strategy of creating enemies to gain viewership. (00:22:27) - He believes Chuck Schumer's actions won't affect Prime and mentions Chuck's bill about UFOs. (00:22:52) - Logan Paul clarifies that Prime is not banned. (00:23:04) - Canada doesn't distribute Prime energy due to illegal imports (00:23:17) - Misinformation about Prime energy (00:23:45) - Negative headlines and success (00:24:00) - Negative criticism towards Mr Beast (00:24:22) - Prime energy not distributed in Canada due to caffeine limit (00:24:38) - Personal question about marriage (00:25:00) - Being inspired by the love between the speaker and his wife (00:25:11) - Feeling inadequate compared to the speaker's relationship (00:25:33) - Emotional proposal and crying (00:26:00) - The speaker's relationship with his wife and its impact on his life (00:27:00) - Thanking the listener for introducing him to his wife (00:28:13) - Considering asking John Schwartz to officiate the wedding (00:28:31) - The listener's impact on the speaker's love life (00:29:00) - The speaker's new romantic interest and her feisty nature (00:29:40) - Keeping Latinas away from blonde white chicks (00:29:44) - Being at a dinner with a blonde friend (00:30:12) - The speaker recounts an incident at a dinner where a woman was disrespectful and made derogatory comments about men. (00:31:19) - The speaker notices two Latina women texting each other and asks them to stop. (00:31:47) - The disrespectful woman insults the Latina women when they go to the bathroom. (00:32:09) - The speaker tries to diffuse the situation by making sarcastic comments throughout the night. (00:33:05) - The speaker advises to keep Latinas away from white girls. (00:33:13) - The speaker clarifies that he loves Latino culture and all races. (00:33:40) - The speaker asks about the experience of being locked down during the pandemic. (00:34:02) - The speaker mentions Adam22 and his controversial actions. (00:34:20) - The speaker discusses Adam22's wife, Lena, doing her first scene with another man. (00:35:44) - The speaker acknowledges the business aspect of Adam22's decision but draws the line at personal involvement. (00:36:56) - The speaker expresses his surprise and disappointment in Adam22's actions. (00:37:19) - The speaker mentions the factors of marriage, having a child, and personal circumstances that may have influenced Lena's decision. (00:37:54) - Lena hints that Adam has been unfaithful in the past (00:38:05) - Lena is faithful and forgiving, possibly with Adam's permission (00:38:20) - Filming and posting the video complicates their relationship (00:38:44) - Adam likely filmed the video to make amends (00:39:09) - The act may affect their relationship dynamics and trust (00:39:19) - Internet favors Lena, but Adam remains unfazed (00:40:02) - The video seems like a cash grab, focusing on racial BBC (00:40:34) - Adam did not film the video, surprising decision (00:41:01) - Adam's mental fortitude impresses, jokes about the situation (00:41:26) - Internet heavily criticizes Adam, but he doesn't care (00:41:49) - Adam's past intimate relations with other women are relevant (00:42:08) - The idea of a partner hooking up with someone else is unacceptable (00:42:36) - Watching ex's old work changes how you view them (00:43:42) - Sacrifices are made for the hustle, no coming back from certain things (00:44:07) - Jason Love benefits from the situation (00:44:26) - Andrew Tate appears humbled and empathetic after prison experience (00:45:44) - Giving props to someone for handling a case in Romania (00:45:54) - Discussing innocent until proven guilty principle (00:46:30) - Andrew Tate settling into confidence with viewers (00:47:46) - Reflecting on the humbling experience of prison (00:49:59) - Talking about UFC fighter Izzy and his behavior in the Octagon (00:51:14) - Criticizing the state of the country and attention to trivial matters (00:51:26) - Mentioning rapper Jesus Derma's release from prison (00:52:00) - Discussing belief in God and disrespecting religions (00:52:29) - Expressing frustration with discussing controversial topics (00:53:12) - Questioning the legality of twin brothers promoting their OnlyFans (00:53:48) - Acknowledging the complexity of the Jonah Hill topic (00:54:03) - Jonah Hill's private messages to a woman on social media cause trust issues (00:54:14) - Woman seeks revenge on Jonah Hill for past relationship (00:54:41) - Woman's actions are considered vile and messed up (00:55:00) - Country music is popular, especially Morgan Wallen (00:56:33) - Hip-hop and country music have different styles (00:57:46) - Woman causes disruption on American Airlines flight (00:58:48) - Man on Chinese flight predicts plane won't make it (01:00:13) - Internet can't identify woman who called man "not real" (01:00:26) - Discussion on government corruption and Epstein (01:00:37) - Podcast ends with discussion on first-class seating for girlfriend (01:02:13) - David flies business class on a five-hour flight, while his companion flies economy. (01:02:19) - The flight was expensive, costing $3000. (01:02:31) - David's companion usually flies business class, but it depends on the rate. (01:03:05) - David's companion would rather sit in economy with him than in first class alone. (01:03:23) - David couldn't sit with his companion because there were only middle seats left. (01:03:28) - David didn't want to set a precedent by spending $3000 on a flight. (01:03:36) - David's companion has been traveling extensively. (01:04:02) - David feels that his companion is becoming cheaper despite making more money. (01:04:08) - David felt obligated to go to dinner with his companion and ended up paying for a large bill. (01:04:43) - David's companion calls him a cheapskate. (01:05:10) - David feels that his companion should have paid for the dinner since he invited him. (01:05:25) - David's companion had more food and drinks at dinner. (01:06:00) - David watched a podcast where Andrew Schultz called someone a cheapskate. (01:06:07) - Andrew Schultz had a lot of energy on the podcast, which David found interesting. (01:06:17) - David feels that Andrew Schultz's energy should be present on every podcast. (01:07:12) - David believes that Kyle and Steve were respectful on the podcast, but Andrew Schultz was not. (01:08:08) - David thinks that Kyle and Steve should have done more research on their guests. (01:09:06) - David believes that Andrew Schultz's presence alone should have made the podcast successful. (01:09:39) - Stories about being a guest on a show (01:09:43) - Importance of guests showing up as expected (01:09:49) - Always ready with questions as a testament (01:10:04) - Chemistry between co-hosts is crucial (01:10:12) - Pushing for Bradley Martin to be on the show (01:10:18) - Disagreement with Bradley's recent behavior (01:10:24) - Bradley's strange comments about Nate Diaz (01:10:32) - Disapproval of Bradley's clickbait tactics (01:11:09) - Invitation for Bradley to come to Puerto Rico (01:11:34) - Need for Bradley to be humble (01:12:04) - Andrew's invitation for Bradley to respond on the show (01:12:25) - Personal experience with doing crazy things for clicks (01:12:36) - Questioning Bradley's need for controversy (01:13:11) - Talent not always indicative of success in the internet climate (01:14:00) - Importance of driving viewership and controversy (01:15:19) - Commentary and audience engagement as the goal (01:15:30) - Humans building machines that will make us irrelevant (01:15:52) - Thanking viewers and guests for watching

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