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Logan Paul Announces UFC Debut On Elon VS Zuck Undercard, KSI v. Tommy Fury, MrBeast Is Thirsty: 385

Logan Paul discusses various topics in his podcast episode, including his recent fight, potential fights with Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, concerns about his behavior, and plans for future episodes. He also talks about AI scams, Lionel Messi's contract, and personal stories about his family and experiences. The episode concludes with a discussion about private travel and a gratitude message to listeners.

Key Points

(00:00:04) - There was a botched move with a dangerous landing during a backflip. (00:00:10) - Logan's sister caught him in a triangle, but he would never hit his sister. (00:00:18) - Elon and Zuck fight was pitched for Logan's UFC debut on the undercard. (00:00:24) - Mr. Pizza said the thirst trap grabbing his junk first to take their head off his junk. (00:00:35) - Jeff asked if Logan and Jeff wouldn't mind flying to AWS. (00:01:04) - Logan is tired because of the intense week of traveling and the Money in the Bank event. (00:01:20) - Logan lost at Money in the Bank and the fans chanted "you still suck." (00:02:18) - Logan doesn't get mad when people call him a wanker because he thinks they're having fun making fun of him. (00:03:45) - There was a botched move with a dangerous landing during a Spanish fly off the top rope. (00:04:16) - Logan got into a backstage argument with Ricochet because he felt Ricochet blew the match. (00:05:29) - Logan accuses someone of using his master bathroom to poop, but denies doing it himself. (00:06:18) - Logan is heading to Italy the next day. (00:06:26) - Logan got hurt worse in this fight than in his boxing fights. (00:06:52) - Logan is unsure about the KSI-Tommy Fury fight and is more interested in Elon Musk and Zuck fighting. (00:07:18) - Elon Musk is 52 years old and runs under 20 minutes for a 5k. (00:07:31) - Elon Musk is 6'1" and 187 pounds, while Jeff is 6'1" and 165 pounds. (00:07:53) - Logan pitched the Elon and Zuck fight internally to the executives. (00:08:00) - Logan wants to do his UFC debut (00:08:02) - Logan challenges Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to fight (00:08:10) - Logan wants to fight Patty Pimblett (00:08:23) - Logan mentions that Elon Musk was bullied and got into street fights (00:09:19) - Logan believes Elon Musk has the advantage due to his South African background (00:09:31) - Logan suggests that the fight could have a worldwide audience (00:12:38) - Logan thinks the fight will be a publicity stunt (00:14:27) - Logan mentions submarines, causing discomfort (00:14:50) - Logan suggests going back to the previous topic (00:15:02) - Logan promotes SeatGeek as a sponsor (00:15:44) - Logan didn't show up for the podcast (00:16:00) - Concerns about Logan's priorities (00:16:30) - Jeff flew to Italy for the podcast (00:17:00) - Mike's concerns about Logan's behavior (00:17:39) - Logan's assistant informed Mike about Logan's plans (00:18:08) - Logan wants Mike and Jeff to fly to Italy for a boys-only episode (00:18:13) - Mike is upset about the invitation (00:19:00) - Mike suggests going to a wellness retreat (00:19:28) - Mike suggests going to the Jersey Shore (00:19:47) - Mike expresses concern about Logan's potential relapse (00:20:11) - Mike shares his own near-death experience skydiving (00:22:14) - Mike defends his decision to cut away during skydiving (00:22:45) - Mike mentions the cost of the canopy (00:23:09) - Mike had a rough landing and a hematoma on his ass (00:23:27) - Hematomas are nasty and the person will have one on their back. (00:23:37) - The person's elbow was drained due to bursitis. (00:23:50) - The accountant suggested getting an attorney for an AI scam. (00:24:10) - The suggestion to hire AI lawyers is smart. (00:24:16) - The person will be represented by chat GPT in court. (00:24:21) - The hair company used the person's voice in an ad without permission. (00:24:42) - The ad is running on a loop and making money on Instagram and TikTok. (00:25:13) - The person was the first victim of this type of scam. (00:25:24) - Other YouTubers and Joe Rogan have also been victims of AI scams. (00:25:57) - The scam website is likely based in Malta. (00:26:18) - Lionel Messi signed a contract worth $125-150 million for two and a half years. (00:26:32) - Messi turned down a $1.6 billion offer from Saudi Arabia. (00:27:00) - Messi will receive equity in Adidas and the Miami football club. (00:27:28) - Messi's deal is better than what other basketball players received in the NBA. (00:29:28) - Twitch streamer xqc signed a two-year deal worth $70 million, potentially rising to $100 million with incentives. (00:31:21) - Loves social media and enjoys creating content (00:31:35) - KSI is a captivating performer and content creator (00:32:29) - Loves content but would go to another platform for the right amount of money (00:32:36) - Asked if he would move for double the money, prefers to stay in LA (00:33:36) - Not willing to fake his own death for a life lesson (00:33:58) - Belgian TikToker faked his own death to teach his family a lesson (00:34:18) - Encourages viewers to tell someone they love them (00:34:37) - Reluctant to tell someone he loves them on camera (00:35:58) - Has a complicated relationship with his dad (00:37:03) - Shares stories of his dad's unconventional parenting methods (00:38:32) - Expresses love for his dad despite their differences (00:39:16) - Borrowed car incident and apology (00:39:31) - Upset about impact on platform (00:39:34) - Love for Jillian (00:39:40) - Promise to fill up gas tank (00:40:03) - Love for dad (00:40:20) - Regret framing dad as child abuser (00:41:30) - Invitation to Spencer to return (00:41:57) - Discussion about Apple Vision Pro goggles (00:42:26) - Potential for augmented reality and sex (00:43:03) - Banter about attractiveness and closing (00:43:55) - Discussion about Logan's BJJ skills (00:44:21) - Comments on being choked by Israel Adesanya (00:45:34) - Joke about sister choking him out (00:45:56) - Discussion about mom's name choices (00:46:24) - Debate about moms and dads (00:46:42) - Clarification about sister's toughness and hobbies (00:47:42) - Shotgun recoil incident, resulting in a forehead injury (00:47:52) - Forehead injury was super glued instead of stitched, leaving a scar (00:47:56) - No concern about the scar, possibly adopting a redneck persona (00:48:01) - Possible change in accent (00:48:07) - Speculation about beer drinking and upbringing (00:48:19) - Late night shows can be challenging (00:48:23) - Show has been going on for 20 minutes (00:48:26) - Feeling tired and wanting to wrap it up (00:48:31) - Joke about Bear Grylls only lasting 45 minutes on the show (00:49:06) - Bear Grylls' wisdom and perspective on life due to near-death experiences (00:49:29) - Near-death experiences can change one's outlook on life (00:49:38) - Personal experience of fight or flight and learning about oneself (00:50:18) - Already recorded another podcast earlier in the day (00:50:24) - Upcoming WWE match after traveling in Europe (00:50:37) - Partnership between Prime and FC Barcelona (00:50:53) - Regret about not shooting the show in an exotic location (00:51:16) - Private travel in Europe is not significantly different from commercial travel (00:51:26) - Audience members potentially becoming rich and wanting private travel (00:52:26) - Need to wrap up the show (00:52:34) - Discussion about a cover-up involving the US Navy (00:53:40) - Hatred towards rich people and desire for their demise (00:54:03) - Desire to outlive haters and live to 150 years old (00:54:45) - Possibility of going to space and exploding (00:55:08) - Titanic not imploding due to lack of sealing (00:55:23) - Discussion about Subway sandwiches (00:55:46) - Conclusion of the episode and gratitude for listeners

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