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Atlassian Codegeist unleashed winner

Unlock the knowledge stuck in your videos

Nutshell in Action

How does it work?

1) Upload any video to your confluence page.

2) Receive a snappy
summary and the key
points you need in your
language of preference


Why Nutshell?

The meeting is being recorded, but let's face it, who's got time to sit through those reco

Your knowledge is locked inside
videos that are as popular as a
Monday morning alarm.
But fear not, for Nutshell is here to
liberate your precious time!

Say goodbye to the mind-
numbing task of watching hours of
recordings just to extract that one
golden nugget of information.
Enter Nutshell – the app that
transforms your audio and video
files into a treasure trove of
insights without you having to lift a

Thanks for submitting!

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